5 Things That Take a Room from Good to Great

Have you ever taken a look at your room and desired an extreme makeover? Does the idea of revamping your space excite you? Do you wish to spruce up your room but don’t quite know how to? If your answer to any of these questions is yes, you’ve come to the right place.

Think of a room as an outfit you’re planning to wear for a party. The clothes you’ve picked look like any of the others in your wardrobe but you pair your outfit with a watch, some colorful shoes or maybe a chain. You immediately stand out from the crowd.

“The essence of interior design will always be about people and how they live. It is about the realities of what makes for an attractive, civilized, meaningful environment, not about fashion or what’s in or what’s out. This is not an easy job.” – Albert Hadley

It’s the same with a room. Your room is as plain as anyone else’s but what you add to it makes a world of difference. Take a look to see five things that take a room from good to great.

  1. Good Furnishings: The first thing you notice about a room might be the walls or the lights but what you feel is the floor below your feet. And you definitely want your room to feel good. The right rug can make that happen for you. If planned carefully, it can enhance your room’s combination and add texture to it. Look at the floor as a balance between everything else in the space. Is your room bright and colourful? Consider balancing it out with some neutral tones. It is vital to be smart about the kind of furnishing you use because it’s your first step towards a great room.
  2. Plants: We as humans have a natural empathy towards all things green and in a pot. A plant may just be what your room needs, not only for its calming nature but also for the eye-grabbing factor, the colour, and the life it brings to your space.
  3. The Right Art: I am a firm believer of the idea that art mirrors your personality and the right art can bring your personality to your room. Selecting a piece of art isn’t as easy as it looks but here’s how you can pick the right one – look at the pieces you’re interested in and the room you’re living in. Does the art look out of place? Is it something you can incorporate in your setting? Does it add the personality you’re looking for in your room? If you’ve considered these questions, you have the piece you’re looking for to take your room from good to great.
  4. Lighting: Walk into a dark room and look around. Now turn on the lights. Makes a world of difference, right? That’s the power of lighting. Imagine the wonders quality lighting can do to your space if you pick the right kind. As important as natural light is, the right kind of lamps (or even a chandelier if you wish) makes you look at your area with a totally different approach.
  5. Textiles: Just like the right rug adds texture to your room, the right textiles add comfort. Pick that curtain to compliment your wall, throw in some pillows on the armchair by your window, spread a colourful blanket on your bed with white sheets and add that spark to your room instantly. It’s worth everything.

Stand back and take a look at your room now. Did you get the extra something you were looking for? Does the space excite you? Congratulations, you’ve taken your room from good to great!.